Active New York Preliminary Certification for Motor Fuel license list

Find the active Preliminary Certification for Motor Fuel licenses in New York below. The following list of current NY fuel tax permits is frequently updated but may not be complete.

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Company Name Account Status Address Effective Date
U.S. Venture Inc. ********yes****
Valley Energy Services LLC ********yes****
Valero Marketing and Supply Company ********yes****
United Refining Company ********yes****
Clifford Fuel Company Inc. ********yes****
US Fuel Corp ********yes****
Goetz Energy Corporation ********yes****
Motiva Enterprises LLC ********yes****
Shell Trading (US) Company ********yes****
E & V Energy Corp. ********yes****
Ascent Aviation Group Inc. ********yes****
Benit Fuel Sales & Services Inc. ********yes****
Palisades Fuel Inc. ********yes****
LukOil North America LLC ********yes****
Sprague Operating Resources LLC ********yes****
Dutchess Terminals Inc. ********yes****
NIC Holding Corp. ********yes****
Mirabito Holdings ********yes****
Suburban Heating Oil Partners LLC ********yes****
M. Spiegel & Sons Oil Corp. ********yes****
Marathon Petroleum Company LP ********yes****
Cumberland Farms Inc. ********yes****
Sunoco LLC ********yes****
Exxon Mobil Oil Corporation ********yes****
NOCO Energy Corp. ********yes****
Panco Equipment Corp. ********yes****
Reid Petroleum Corp. ********yes****
OK Petroleum International LTD ********yes****
Avfuel Corporation ********yes****
United Metro Energy Corp. ********yes****
Williams Oil Company Inc. ********yes****
Global Companies LLC ********yes****
Equilon Enterprises LLC ********yes****
OK Petroleum Distribution Corp ********yes****
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