Active Maine Special Fuel Supplier license list

Find the active Special Fuel Supplier licenses in Maine below. The following list of current ME fuel tax permits is frequently updated but may not be complete.

For complete access to licensee and listing information (including cancellations), call us now at 623-404-0011 to get the data you need for automating fuel tax compliance.

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State of Maine Special Fuel Supplier
Company Name Account Address Effective Date
A E Robinson Oil Co Inc yes
ADM Fuels Company yes
Affordable Oil yes
Ahntech Inc yes
All American Express Solutions LLC yes
Alliance Energy Corp yes
American Textile Systems yes
Amerigas Propane LP yes
Andrew Hartmann Inc yes
Apex Oil Company yes
AR Sandri Inc yes
Archer Daniels Midland yes
Atlantic Trading & Marketing Inc yes
Atlas Oil Company yes
Augusta Fuel Company yes
Bates Fuel Inc yes
Benchmark Resources yes
Biosphere Fuels LLC yes
Biourja Trading yes
Bobs Cash Fuel yes
Bournes Inc yes
Branch Brook Fuels Inc yes
Broco Oil Inc yes
Bryant Energy Inc yes
Buckeye Energy Services yes
Butler Family Auto yes
Butler Maxcy & Heath yes
C N Brown Co yes
Calkins Excavating Inc yes
Castleton Commodities yes
CE Limited Liability yes
Chevron Marine Products yes
Chevron USA Inc ET AL yes
Circle K yes
Citgo Petroleum Corp yes
Clean Green Energy yes
Coastal Energy Inc yes
Colby & Gale yes
Cold Brook Energy yes
Colonial Oil Industries Inc yes
Community Energy Co yes
Community Service Stations yes
Cumberland Farms yes
D & C Transportation yes
Daigle Oil Company yes
Davis Oil yes
Dead River yes
Dennis K Burke yes
Des Wholesale LLC yes
Diesel Direct yes
Dodge Oil Co Inc yes
Drake Petroleum Co yes
Dysarts Service Inc yes
Eagle Heights General Ptnr LLC yes
East River Energy Inc yes
Eastern Propane Gas Inc yes
Eastern VP Sales LLC yes
Eco-Energy LLC yes
Elbow River Marketing LTD yes
Elbow River Marketing USA yes
Energy North Inc yes
Estes Oil Burner Service yes
Evans Group Inc & Subsidiary yes
Exxonmobil Oil Corporation yes
Fabian Oil Inc yes
Ferrellgas L.P. yes
Fieldings Oil Co Inc yes
Fitch Fuel Co Inc yes
Foley Oil Company yes
Foster Fuels Inc yes
Foster Holdings LLC yes
Freepoint Commodities LLC yes
Fuel Masters LLC yes
G F Trucking LLC yes
Garthwaite Energy Inc yes
George C Stafford & Sons yes
Glencore LTD yes
Global Companies LLC yes
Global Montello Group LLC yes
Green Lantern LLC yes
Griffin Industries LLC yes
GRJH Inc yes
Gulf Oil Limited Partnership yes
Gunvor USA LLC yes
Guttman Energy Inc yes
Guyette Walter E yes
H A Mapes Inc yes
Hall & Smith Energy LLC yes
Hartree Partners LP yes
Heatwave Oil LLC yes
ICBC Standard Bank PLC yes
Indigo Energy Partners LLC yes
Irving Energy Distribution & Mkting yes
Irving Oil Commercial GP (IOCGP) yes
Irving Oil Marketing Inc yes
Irving Oil Terminals Inc yes
J P Carroll Fuel Co yes
JSB Energy Inc yes
KMJ Precision Fuels Inc yes
Koch Supply & Trading yes
Kolmar Americas Inc yes
Lake Erie Biofuels yes
Lake Region Energy LLC yes
Lehigh Gas Wholesale LLC yes
Lincoln Oil Co Inc yes
Louis Dreyfus Claypool Hold yes
Lukoil Pan Americas LLC yes
M W Sewall yes
MacQuaire Energy North America Trad yes
Macro Companies Inc yes
Maine Bio Fuel Inc yes
Maine Energy Inc yes
Mansfield Oil of Gainsville yes
Mapleton Oil Co Inc yes
Maritime Energy yes
McKusick Petroleum Co Inc yes
Mercuria Energy America LLC yes
Mirabito Holding Inc yes
Momentum Fuel Company LLC yes
Monroe Construction Inc yes
Motiva Enterprises LLC yes
Musket Corporation yes
Nas Fuel LLC yes
Ness Oil Co yes
New England Petroleum Ltd Partnership yes
NGL Crude Logistics LLC yes
NIC Holding Corp yes
No Frills Oil Co Inc yes
Noonan Brothers Petroleum yes
Northeastern Supply Company yes
Nouria Energy Wholesale Inc yes
Offshore Fuel LLC yes
Oil Supply Corp yes
P & L Cote Inc yes
P Gagnon & Son Inc yes
Parkland US Supply Corp yes
PBF Holding Company yes
Petrochina International America yes
Petroleum Marketing Grp Inc yes
Petroleum Traders Corp yes
Phillips 66 Company yes
Proulx Oil & Propane Inc yes
R B Sahagen Inc yes
R L Greenlaw & Son yes
R L Vallee Inc yes
RBS Fuel LLC yes
Reg Marketing & Logistics yes
Repsol Trading USA Corp yes
RH Foster Energy LLC yes
Rinaldi Energy LLC yes
Roberge Energy LLC yes
Roberts Energy LLC yes
Ryder Energy Distribution yes
Rye Fuel Company yes
S B Collins Inc yes
Sail Energy yes
Sak Industries LLC yes
Sandri Energy LLC yes
Santa Buckley Energy Inc yes
Saratoga Rack Marketing LLC yes
SEI Fuel Services Inc yes
Shell Oil Products US yes
Simply Energy Partners LLC yes
Small Town Fuels yes
South Portland Terminal yes
Sprague Energy Solutions yes
Sprague Operating Resources yes
Spring Brook Ice & Fuel Co yes
Stone Road Energy LLC yes
Stonewin LLC yes
Suburban Heating Oil Ptns yes
Suburban Propane LP yes
Summit Distributing LLC yes
Sun Coast Resources Inc yes
Suncor Energy USA Marketing Inc yes
Sunoco LLC yes
Superior Plus Energy Services yes
Tauber Oil Company yes
Taylor Oil Northeast Inc yes
Tayrona Investments LLC yes
Team BWT LLC yes
TFG Marine Inc yes
Tim Merrill & Co Inc yes
Trafigura Trading LLC yes
Travelcenters/Petro yes
Truman Arnold Companies yes
Tulsa Inc yes
U Haul Co of Maine yes
UPS Fuel Services Inc yes
Valero Marketing & Supply Co yes
Victory Renewables LLC & Supply Co yes
Vitol Inc yes
VL Tammaro Oil Co Inc yes
VP Racing Fuels Inc yes
Waldo Country Oil & Propane yes
Welch Oil Company Inc yes
White Mountain Oil & Propane yes
Whitney Family Fuels LLC yes
Winthrop Fuel Co Inc yes
World Fuel Services Inc yes

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